Best Wrist Compression Sleeve

Looking for an effective solution against wrist pain and injury? I know exactly what you need. Wrist compression sleeves are simple yet reliable essentials when it comes to wrist healing and work-out efficiency. But because designs tend to vary, I took time to read up on the available choices to find out which one really performed best.

Out of the countless wrist compression sleeves I researched, the Patented WS6 Compression Wrist Sleeve from OrthoSleeve comes out on top as the ultimate investment. With a design that’s backed by scientific principles, this sleeve has countless testimonies that vouch for its ability to speed up the recovery process and improve athletic performance.

If you’re interested in finding out what put the OrthoSleeve WS6 as the front-runner among its competition and you want to learn a little more about the options that almost bumped it out of the top of this list, then read on through.

Flawless Support and Perfect Limb Positioning

A wrist injury sustained while lifting in the gym requires the immobilization of the joint to allow correct healing. If the joint is placed in the wrong position, it’s possible to develop contractures as the body rebuilds tissues in the wrong places.

I found the WS6 to be extremely reliable at proper limb placement. The design uses flexible yet resistive material that keeps the wrist in the correct alignment during use. Built into the front and back of the palm, two gel bars maintain the sleeve in its position on the skin so it doesn’t move around even after a whole day of use.

You’ll also notice areas on the sleeve with a weave that goes against the direction of the rest of the design. This wrist stabilizer zone makes it possible for the sleeve to provide greater resistance along the most sensitive areas of the limb. The result is a degree of compression that changes throughout its length.

On either end, the sleeve provides light compression so as not to reduce circulation. Closer to the wrist joint, moderate compression keeps the limb in correct alignment. This also helps provide just enough psychological restraint so as not to exceed the extension and flexion limitations for faster healing. Finally, the areas around the wrist apply firm compression, supporting aching structures and immobilizing the joint slightly for better pain relief.

Moisture Wicking and Resistant to Bacteria

The main issue I’ve found with most compression sleeves is that they tend to promote sweating – and lots of it. So after a whole day of wearing one, it’s impossible to don it again the next day without washing it first.

So I really do appreciate how OrthoSleeve took the time to consider the materials they would use before jumping into the design. Made of 24% lycra and 76% micro-nylon, the WS6 provides exceptional breathability. Sweating and moisture are greatly reduced and this eliminates the chances of developing odors and bacteria.

I also want to mention how the material keeps the skin feeling cool and dry. Unlike other sleeves that leave your skin looking shrivelled up and pale, the WS6 freely allows air circulation. This prevents skin irritation and keeps the skin from getting soaked in its own sweat.

As a result of its smart material combination, the WS6 is especially comfortable. The bands don’t dig into the skin so there isn’t a lot of friction. They’re also smooth and soft to touch, eliminating any chances of itching or irritation that commonly occurs with long periods of use.

High-Quality Make Retains Its Integrity

It can take a few weeks or even months for a wrist injury to completely heal. The greater the extent of the strain or sprain, the longer it takes for a full recovery. During the entire duration of your healing, it’s imperative that you wear your wrist sleeve for the necessary support and pain relief.

The problem with a lot of wrist sleeve designs is that they aren’t always made for constant, everyday, long-term use. After just a few weeks of wearing, removing, and adjusting them, they’re likely to develop loose areas. The material can warp and bulge where it shouldn’t. Lots of users find that this can compromise the compression. Over time, this can cause the sleeve to lose efficacy altogether.

So the fact that the WS6 holds its integrity so much more effectively than any other sleeve available makes it a smart investment. The material holds exceptionally well against wear. It can resist overstretching and return to its original size and shape after each use and multiple washes. The design also provides pretty much the same level of compression for months of use, which means you won’t have to repurchase sleeves throughout the duration of your recovery.

What’s Great About the OrthoSleeve WS6 Wrist Compression Sleeve

  • Adaptive compression provides just enough pressure on the different areas of your arm to allow both support and comfort.
  • Premium materials retain their shape and tightness even after months of regular use.
  • Comfortable on the skin without causing any itching, excessive sweating, or irritation.
  • Gel bars keep the wrist in proper alignment to guarantee proper healing and recovery.
  • Resistant to bacteria development, letting you use the sleeve multiple times between washes.

Some Downsides

  • At double the price of other compression sleeves, it may be impractical for buyers who want to stay within a budget.

Reviews for 3 Runners-Up

If you’ve been reading my best product reviews in the past, you should know that I don’t always just recommend one item. That’s because I know my readers tend to have different preferences than my own. So, ‘best’ becomes a relative term.

That’s why I try to include other products in my reviews to help you narrow down your choices and find a design that truly meets your standards. That said, I’ve got reviews for three other wrist compression sleeves that might be right up your alley.

Copper Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve with Adjustable Wrap

This updated version of the Copper Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve features an adjustable strap. The simple addition enables users to adjust the tightness and achieve support and comfort that meets their needs. With that, I have to say that the Copper Compression Recovery Wrist Sleeve makes a great choice if you have trouble finding a sleeve that really fits your arm.

The fabric is a lot softer to touch compared to the WS6 from OrthoSleeve. In spite of this though, the design provides impressive limb lockdown, especially if you’re able to figure out the correct tightness for your wrist. It also claims to be infused with copper, which has been said to resist bacteria.

My only concern with the Copper Compression Recovery Sleeve is that while it does allow a better fit, the extra wrap impedes a lot of airflow. So it does promote quite a lot of sweating.

What’s Great About the Copper Compression Recovery Sleeve

  • Adjustable wrap lets you achieve the perfect fit, eliminating the guesswork involved in figuring out which size to buy.
  • Soft fabrics are extra easy on the skin, reducing chances of irritation and friction.
  • Impressive limb lockdown keeps your wrist in proper alignment for fast healing.
  • Infused with copper to help improve blood circulation.

Some Downsides

  • Extra hot because of the adjustable strap.
  • May require daily washing as it does soak up sweat quite a lot.

Neo G Wrist and Thumb Support

This medical engineered wrist sleeve provides quite a lot of pressure on the joint. Personally, I find it to be the most restrictive when it comes to movement. So if you’ve got a relatively bad injury and the pain is getting to be unbearable, then the Neo G is the wrist sleeve for you.

The design uses a lightweight fabric that’s both breathable and stiff. So irritation and itching aren’t problems you’re likely to encounter. The edges are also soft and smooth, designed to hug tightly against your skin without digging in and causing uncomfortable friction.

I think the Neo G Wrist and Thumb Support can be a great pick especially for the beginning of recovery when pain is too pronounced. As you heal though, it might be in your best interest to look for something that doesn’t restrict movements too much to give your wrist some freedom to move.

What’s Great About the Neo G Wrist and Thumb Support

  • Lightweight and breathable material prevents overproduction of sweat, keeping both your skin and the sleeve bacteria-free.
  • Softened edges don’t dig into the skin and even helps improve circulation to the affected joint.
  • Much more restrictive than other sleeves, making it a great choice for those experiencing pronounced pain.

Some Downsides

  • You may need to switch to a different sleeve as your joint heals to make room for movement and therapeutic exercises.

CopperJoint Copper Wrist Support Compression Sleeve

The last sleeve I can recommend is the Copperjoint Copper Wrist Support Compression Sleeve. This design also boasts a copper component which lends antimicrobial properties to prevent odor and germs from thriving.

The silhouette features three different sections separated by reinforced stitching. This designates varying areas of compression, with the end sections providing moderate compression. The central section is designated for the wrist joint itself, so it provides a greater degree of compression for better pain relief.

Ultimately, the design works and the designated compression sections are pretty smart. But the material doesn’t hold so well against wear. So it tends to loosen and warp especially along the areas that are subjected to constant pulling and stretching.

What’s Great About the Copperjoint Copper Wrist Support Compression Sleeve

  • Designated compression sections provide calculated pressure that’s appropriate for specific parts of the arm.
  • Copper infused for better bacteria and odor prevention.
  • Breathable fabric is cool and smooth, keeping the skin dry for extended periods of use.
  • Dynamic fit was engineered to cling to your anatomy perfectly.

Some Downsides

  • Doesn’t hold up well against wear and tear, so you may need to buy a replacement just a few weeks after the first.

The Bottom Line

Whether it’s a chronic case of arthritis or an injury sustained in the gym, there’s bound to be a compression sleeve that can help you manage pain and foster healing. With everything I’ve read about these nifty recovery essentials, I’ve found theOrthoSleeve WS6 to be the very best because of its smart compression distribution, reliable integrity, and supreme breathability.

If the WS6 just didn’t meet your standards, I can recommend the wrist sleeves from Copper Compression, Neo G, and Copperjoint. All three of these designs offer unique design aspects that make them impressively effective. So make sure to check them out as well to help you narrow down your options and find the right sleeve for your standards.

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