The Best Vasodilator – Foods, Supplements, and More [2023]

The Best Vasodilator- Foods, Supplements, and More

Vasodilation is the process of enlarging the blood vessels that transport blood around your body. When you do that, you allow the blood to travel more speedily through your blood vessels to your muscle cells. As a result, vital nutrients and oxygen are able to replenish, rebuild, and regenerate your muscles faster. Vasodilation will also … Read more

Scapular Retraction: Exercises, Benefits, & Proper Form

Drawing of scapular retraction

No, this isn’t science class (though you will learn some biology today), scapular retraction doesn’t have anything to do with chemical reactions or photosynthesis. “Scapular retraction” is simply a fancy way of describing the motion of bringing your shoulder blades back and together. Your shoulder blades are scientifically named scapulae (scapula singularly). Retraction is the … Read more