Isometric Stretching- How to Improve Your Flexibility

Isometric stretching is the perfect complement between flexibility and strength. It allows you to improve your flexibility as a result of strength increases at the extremes of your muscle’s range. When most people think of stretching, they envision holding a muscle in an elongated static position for a set period of time. That’s the traditional … Read more

Rack Pull vs Deadlift: Which is Best for Gains?

When it comes to developing an impressive physique, there’s no getting around a huge back. Those thick slabs of beef that sweep down from your shoulders (otherwise known as the lats) are the epitome of raw, unencumbered power. It’s why they say that bodybuilding competitions are won from the back. In order to achieve the … Read more

Best Exercises for Muscular Girth

image of a guy flexing arm muscles

Girth, or thickness, is the hallmark of a rugged, muscular physique. It is what gives a body a powerful, Marvel superhero aspect – and it’s something that every man secretly craves. That thick, muscular look doesn’t come about by chance. It’s something that you need to work at over the years. In this article, you’ll … Read more