The Best Heart Rate To Burn Fat? Let’s Talk About The “Fat-Burning Zone”

Image of a fit man pinching his belly fat

You have committed yourself to a daily gym pilgrimage, proclaimed yourself a born-again gym rat and are on a mission to lose that 15-20 lbs around your middle. You step up to a vacant elliptical, locate the obligatory cardio zone sticker on the console, find your age along the horizontal and follow the invisible line … Read more

How To Toughen Up The Skin On Your Hands

Image of a man's tough hands

Lifting weights is difficult, there’s no way around that. It’s tough on your muscles, tough on your cardiovascular system and tough on your energy levels.  Imagine all of the exercises that involve having your hands on the floor, gripping a dumbbell/barbell or gripping some kind of pulley attachment – almost all of them, right? These … Read more

Does Swimming Build Muscle? Let’s Talk About It

Image of Michael Phelps swimming

In the past decade, swimming has gained popularity among the fitness community through Olympians like Michael Phelps – and their slender, but toned bodies. The swimmer’s body has been sought after for several years, as the slim and streamlined, but powerful physiques of swimmers have graced our magazines and televisions as an elite aesthetic. But … Read more