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Prime Day is for prime members only. But you can get a 30-day free trial here and be good to go for prime day without even paying the annual membership fee. Although it is completely worth it.

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Flex your fingers and clean off your screens, because the 2022 Amazon Prime Day will be here before you know it. Taking an early start at midnight Pacific Time on July 13, 2020, the sale will run a full forty-eight hours, powering straight through July 14, 2020 until the stroke of midnight.

Quickly taking a lead position as one of the most popular shopping days of the year, Amazon Prime Day takes the crash-through-door pricing of Black Friday sales and combines it with the shop-in-your-pajamas convenience of Cyber Monday, for an unforgettable summer shopping marathon.

2019 marks the fifth annual Amazon Prime Day, which was first introduced in 2015 as a 24-hour shopping event exclusive to members of the Amazon Prime community.

Despite a social media lashing from disgruntled customers about deals that sold out too quickly, the 2015 sale made Amazon history for record-breaking numbers. The company reported an incredible “398 items ordered per second” to reach a total of a whopping 34.4 million items ordered during the sale day.

Getting Yourself Ready for the Sale

Needless to say, the final numbers gave Amazon all the encouragement they needed to repeat the sale in the years since. Keeping what worked well from the first sale and introducing new ideas, the company has created a high level of excitement and anticipation for this year’s event. Here are a few highlights that will help guide you through it.

  • The sale day is exclusive to Amazon Prime members. Non-Prime customers can start a 30-day trial membership to participate in Prime Day. (Students get a 6-month trial membership.)
  • New deals come along fast and furious, as frequently as every five minutes.
  • Download the Amazon app to watch for your favorite deals. Deals are posted in “upcoming” 24 hours in advance. Click “watch this deal” to set your alert. The app will notify you when your favorite deals go live.
  • Amazon uses their top-selling trends to choose items for the Prime Day event.

Don’t be discouraged by “100% claimed.” Some shoppers are quick to claim, but change their mind at checkout. If a deal is showing all inventory claimed, join the wait list. You’ll get an alert on your cell if more stock becomes available.

Hit the Ground Running with Amazing Fitness Deals

Granted, Amazon promises to have something for everybody, offering a varied range of specials and hot deals across 40 popular categories. Prime Day 2022 is offering up some incredible fitness deals to get the heart racing. It’s worth tracking, particularly for specialty items that you’ve always wanted. You’ll kick yourself if you miss out on the deep discounts on fitness. Here’s a very small sampling of last year’s fantastic opportunities to get you on track.

Be Ready for Lightning Deals and Special Incentives

Prime Day likes to make the thrill of the bargain hunt a little exciting by offering different types of deal promotions such as lightning deals.

Like the name implies, lightning deals strike fast. You can view them 24 hours before the sale starts and you can expect a new one to go live every five or more minutes. You will know it’s a lightning deal when you see the timer, counting down how much time you have to claim the deal.

The quantity is limited so keep an eye on the bar across the bottom that tells how quickly the item is being claimed. The deal is gone once the timer runs out or all inventory is claimed, whichever comes first.

When you are searching through Today’s Deals, be on the lookout for spotlight deals as well. These must-have items are from recognized brands and as a rule have generous inventory. These deals are priced to sell and, unlike lightning deals, these products will remain live until all the stock has been sold.

Not a fan of typing? Why not try out the voice deals? Customers who use the Alexa app on devices such as Fire TV,  Echo Dot and Amazon Tap, will have access to exclusive voice deals. Alexa is voice responsive shopping app that responds to vocal instructions. Just ask, “Alexa, what are your deals” and hear what exclusive offers are available.

It Pays to Get a Head Start

Don’t wait until the Prime Day sale starts to begin your Prime membership trial. In the days leading up to the sale, Members have access to a host of popular categories at discounted prices. Daily discounts are available leading to sale day for music and video streaming, household items from Prime Pantry and Kindle Unlimited.

2020 promises to be the best Prime Day to date. Amazon was estimated to have $5.8 Billion in sales on Prime Day in 2022. Greg Greely, Vice President of Amazon Prime, is hoping to attract “a record number of shoppers” to snatch up all the amazing deals. Members are encouraged to browse “Today’s Deals” and click on “Upcoming” 24 hours in advance. This will give members the chance to “watch this deal” to be notified as the wanted merchandise goes live.

So warm up your shopping muscles and stretch out your deal tendons, because Amazon Prime’s shopping Marathon is about to begin.

On your mark, get set…SHOP!

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