Schwinn 870 Treadmill Review

Schwinn has established a reputation for quality in the home fitness market. One of their most popular treadmills is the 870. In this article, we put the Schwinn 870 through its paces to discover if it lives up to the Schwinn standard of excellence or if there’s a better option on the market in the mid-price bracket.

The Schwinn 870 Treadmill is a high performer that provides you with everything you need for a quality home cardio training experience. It provides all the things you’d expect along with such extras as wide running track, powerful motor, dual track console, softtrack cushioning and a 2.0 mm thick ply tread belt for an extra soft running experience. We believe that this treadmill represents excellent quality and value for money and give it a big thumbs up!


  • 26 built-in programs
  • 3.0 CHP Motor
  • 20” x 60” Running Deck
  • Schwinn Connect
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Tablet Holder
  • Chest Strap to monitor heart rate
  • Sofftrack cushioning system
  • Transportation wheels


  • Heavy
  • Takes up a large amount of space
  • Limited Warranty


26 Programs

The computer console on the Schwinn 870 has 26 workout programs built into it. These have been designed by personal trainers to target specific training goals. They include 1 manual program, 3 intervals, 3 quick goals, 4 custom, 4 heart health, 5 weight control and 6 training goals. This provides you with all of the guidance and variety you need to keep making progress.

3.0 CHP Motor

The 3.0 continuous horsepower motor on the 870 gives you the equivalent power output as a 3.5 hp motor on other units. This provides you with all the grunt you will need for a home-based workout. The maximum speed on the treadmill is 12 miles per hour and the machine can incline to 15 different angles. It also supports a maximum user weight of 300 pounds.

The motor is backed up with a 10-year warranty.

Generous Running Deck

The running deck on the 870 measures in at a width of 20 inches and a length of 60 inches. This puts it on par with the best of the rest and gives taller users the peace of mind that they won’t be in the position of out striding the machine.

Schwinn Connect

The console on the 870 connects to the Schwinn Connect app as well as to MyFitnessPal. This allows you to record and analyze every aspect of your workout. Through the MFP app you can also add a social networking element to your fitness training as you challenge your family and friends. This can make your workouts more fun and motivating.

Solid Build

The 870 has been built with the intent of making it as stable as possible. It has an extra-large crossbar and levers to provide maximum support. The levers will ensure that the treadmill is steady even if you are using it on an uneven surface. This does require manual adjustment but you will only have to do so once.

Easy Fold and Storage

This treadmill features Schwinn’s patented soft drop folding design to make it easy to set up and dismantle the unit. The 870 also features transportation wheels to make it a piece of cake to manoeuvre around.

The soft drop folding system provides you with a hydraulic lift that automatically partially opens and folds the treadmill.

Heart Monitor Chest Strap

The Schwinn 870 is wired to enable a chest strap to give you the most accurate heart rate monitoring. The chest strap is provided as part of your purchase of this unit. In addition to the chest strap function, the 870 also features hand hold sensors on the handlebars to monitor your pulse rate.

Dual Track Console

The Dual Track two LCD window system allows you to cover one of the widows and still be able to track your workout. This is ideal when you are placing your tablet on the console. The console also features quick access speed and incline buttons.

The console display provides a readout of your time, distance, calories, heart rate, laps, incline level, speed and goal tracking metrics.

The console is easy to use and features some nifty little extras like a cup holder, tablet holder and high quality built-in speakers. It also has an MP3 port.

Media Tray

Situated directly above the console on the 870 is a large media tray. The tray will accommodate any size tablet and securely hold it in place. The console also features a pair of acoustic chambered speakers that are compatible with most smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. A cooling fan is situated under the console display.

Running Bed Cushioning

The running bed on the Schwinn 870 features Soft Track six-cell cushioning to provide an extremely soft landing for your foot. The six cells of cushioning not only provides you with excellent joint protection; it also makes for a very quietly operating treadmill. The level of vibration has also been reduced to a minimum.

The 2.0 mm thick ply tread belt provides you with added comfort to make your running experience even more comfortable. In addition, the rollers are crowned which help to keep the running bed centered. Many treadmills in this price range will only provide you with single ply tread and a metal rather than a crowned roller.

The crown rollers are 2.4 inches long with sealed bearings. They give excellent gripping power on the belt.

Automatic Incline

The 870 has 15 levels of incline. A small motor on the underside of the deck lifts and lowers the running surface to a maximum of 15 degrees. The incline is able to be adjusted in increments of one degree. You can also make quick adjustment to 2,5,8,10,13 and 15 degrees.

Some of the programs that are loaded into the console of the 870 also feature an incline. These will automatically activate the incline when you start the program.

Easy Assembly

The 870 assembles pretty easily, with two people being able to put it together in under two hours.



There is not much to complain about when it comes to the Schwinn 870. The treadmill is quite heavy which could be an issue. However, it does come with transportation wheels, so moving it around shouldn’t be a problem.

The weight of the machine, which is 215 pounds, may leave indentations on your floor, so it is a good idea to place the machine on a mat.

When fully assembled, the Schwinn 870 takes up quite a large footprint of 196 cm by 89.4 cm.

Limited Warranty

Whereas most other manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, Schwinn limit their liability just 10 years. They offer two years on the parts and just one year on labor which also low compared to industry standards.


The Schwinn 870 is a solid, reliable mid-priced home use treadmill that has a powerful motor and comfortable running deck. The console features plenty of built-in workout options and connects to the Schwinn Connect app along with MyFitnessPal.

Schwinn 870 Competitors

NordicTrack C990

The NordicTrack C990 is a comparable machine to the Schwinn 870 that provides you with 32 workout programs (6 more than the 870). It has FlexSelect cushioning which provides you with a level of cushioning to rival the Schwinn Softtrack system. The running deck on the C990 is slightly wider than the Schwinn 870 but has the same 60 inch length.

The monitor on the C990 is not as colorful as the Schwinn model and does not give you a double screen readout of your training diagnostics. The NordicTrack treadmill is more compact than the Schwinn model and not quite as bulky.

The maximum incline on the C990 is 12 degrees compared with 15 degrees on the Schwinn 870. Weighing the two treadmills up there isn’t much between them, put the Schwinn 870 has slightly higher capability and gets the nod for that reason.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

The ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill  is another mid-priced treadmill that matches very solidly against the Schwinn 870. The running track on the Pro 2000 is the same size as on the Schwinn at 60 x 20 inches. The max speed is also the same as with the Schwinn machine at 12 mph. However, a cool unique feature of the ProForm Pro 2000 is that you can take it directly to the maximum speed with just a ingle push of a button.

The incline on the Pro 2000 goes up in gradients of one degree to a limit of 15 degrees. Unlike the Schwinn 870, it also provides you with a negative three-degree decline angle. Booth machines comes with a wireless chest strap to provide you with very accurate pulse rate monitoring.

The Pro 2000 matches Schwinn’s Connect app with the iFit coach which allows you to have an infinite number training options. The running mat operates on 2.5-inch precision balanced non-flex rollers. This makes for a smooth, natural running experience.

Bowflex BXT116

The Bowflex BXT116 is a very stylish, functional competitor to the Schwinn 870. It matches up on most features, with the biggest disparity being the number of inbuilt workout programs. On the Schwinn 870 you get 26 programs, compared with just 9 programs on the BXT116.

The Bowflex BXT116 features the patented Comfort Tech design which gives you a high degree of cushioning and impact absorption This ensures that  you get a soft landing with every foot strike.

With the Bowflex BXT116 you get a 3.75 CHP Motor, which is more powerful than any other treadmill reviewed on this page.

The incline on the BXT116 is 15 degrees. Unlike the ProForm Pro 2000, there is no negative decline on this treadmill.

The Bottom Line

TheSchwinn 870is a solidly performing treadmill that provides you with basic features you would expect in a mid-priced model, along with some impressive extras. These include the thick 2.0 mm ply tread and 2.4-inch long crown rollers with sealed bearings that ensure an ultra-smooth running experience. The auto incline to 15 degrees is also more than you find on comparable models. Throw in the dual track console, the 26 programs and the Schwinn Connect App and you have a winner in the Schwinn 870.

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