The Best Suspension Trainer for Home Use

Suspension trainers have become increasingly popular due to the versatility they present in calisthenics and gymnastics. They’re becoming a staple product of the home gym, but they are the perfect way for someone who travels frequently to maintain their body.

We have done extensive research to filter our way through the dozens of competing products to find the TRX GO.  Its mobility and robust uses make it the best option for using a suspension trainer at home or on the go.

Here are all the top suspension trainer choices.

Best Suspension Trainer Best Feature
TRX GO Suspension Training: Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer Indoor and outdoor anchors and locking loop design
Fitness Kings Suspension X Bodyweight Resistance Home Gym System Versatile S-shaped hooks for indoor or outdoor use
FITINDEX Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit Durable nylon straps; bonus resistance bands
MOULYAN Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit Carrying bag, wall mount, and door mount included
AKlaas Bodyweight Resistance Training Straps Bundle Comfortable grip; bonus resistance bands

The Best Suspension Trainer for Your Home Gym

Fitness Kings Suspension X Bodyweight Resistance Home Gym System

The Fitness Kings Suspension X Bodyweight Resistance Home Gym System has quite a few notable features, including S-shaped hooks for use on a door frame or outside.  This is extremely useful and makes this product a great candidate for use in the home, garage, or even outdoors.

The handles themselves are fairly comfortable to use, as they have sufficient padding.  They are padded with dense foam to give your hands and feet extra comfort during a workout.  An extension strap is included for doing particular exercises that need a longer strap.

There is no setup required in using the Fitness Kings suspension trainer, and taking it on-the-go is easy due to the design of its S hooks and their ability to latch onto most objects.

However, there are things to note about this Fitness Kings suspension trainer that make it somewhat alarming.

For one, the straps are pretty flimsy despite supposedly being rated for a full two tons.  Other products do not present a similar risk of breakage.

The Fitness Kings suspension trainer also comes with a sheet of suggested exercises to do.  This can be helpful, but it would be better if they showed a bit more detail to users on how to do certain exercises.  The Fitness Kings suspension trainer lacks meaningful instructions and can be difficult to use if you are not acquainted with suspension trainers already.

This suspension trainer does come with a carrying case for convenience when on the go.  One last thing to consider is that the hooks are metal and not covered at all, so they can put some dings and scratches in your doorway with enough use.

FITINDEX Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit

The FITINDEX Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit is accompanied by some additional features that make it a bit more flexible in its use.  The zinc alloy grommets are seriously durable and make this suspension trainer a great candidate for frequent, rigorous use.

The handles are non-slip and very convenient for even the sweatiest of hands.  They are easy to grasp and make this suspension trainer feel great to use.

These straps are much more durable as they are nylon.  The main suspension straps are adjustable and accommodate a variety of exercises.  This suspension trainer supports a maximum of 400 lbs.

A carrying case is included for easy transportation.  This makes the FITINDEX suspension trainer fantastic for on-the-go use, so you can go somewhere like the park to workout.

The support hooks included with this suspension trainer are coated as well.  Coated support hooks do not scratch the surface they connect to nearly as much.

The instructions and list of exercises included with the FITINDEX suspension trainer are fleshed out well, and make this product easy to use and make progress with.

This suspension trainer kit also comes with four resistance bands of varying weight capacities.  This isn’t entirely relevant to the suspension trainer itself, but a slight increase in value to the kit definitely earns the FITINDEX suspension trainer some extra points.  The resistance band weights are as follows:

  1. Blue (10 lbs)
  2. Green (15 lbs)
  3. Orange (20 lbs)
  4. Black (25 lbs)

MOULYAN Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit

The MOULYAN Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit is equipped with some extra goodies to sweeten the deal as well.  Included is the usual carrying bag, but a wall mount is also included.

It has the usual door anchor included as well.  This one is uncovered and could do a bit of damage to your door frame.  Using this suspension trainer is best if you plan on using the wall mount.

This anchor is suitable for the outdoors and can be used in a bunch of different settings.  Taking this suspension trainer to the park or another location is easy.

Another interesting feature is that this kit actually comes in multiple colors (red and orange).  This could be the product for you if having matching equipment is important in your eyes.

The handles on the MOULYAN suspension trainer are not quite as nice as you would expect.  They are a little harder to hold on to depending on the size of your hands, and the grip is not quite as nice as some of the other suspension trainers mentioned.

However, they are sturdy and will support up to 400 lbs.  A short guide of exercises with real demonstration photos is included with the training kit.

A single resistance band made from elastic is included with the kit too, but there’s not much additional value since only one weight is included.

TRX GO Suspension Training: Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer

The TRX GO Suspension Training: Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Trainer is our winner due to a few standout features that make it difficult to beat.

TRX is definitely one of the most, if not the most, recognizable brands out there when it comes to suspension trainers.  The TRX GO is a no-frills workout kit that prioritizes the design of the anchor and straps over any additional products.

It has two different solutions for anchoring the straps so you can use it just about anywhere.  The anchor meant for indoor use won’t scratch your door frame, and another anchor in a more typical carabiner design is included for outdoor use.

The TRX GO is safety tested for up to 350 lbs of bodyweight.  The straps are excellent and have extremely comfortable handles.  They don’t slip easily when your hands get sweaty and make this suspension trainer a breeze to use.  The handles have foot cradles for convenient use with lower body exercises.

The locking loop design adds an additional safety measure to ensure that you can work out hard without risk of injury.

The carrying case for the TRX GO is extremely convenient and zips up to keep everything safe and snug.

TRX includes workouts with your purchase, but in a different medium than the other products mentioned.  You will have six months of access to online workouts through their premium app.  The app has a lot of great features to get you started with your kit, especially if you are not a fitness guru quite yet.

The TRX GO has a ton of high-quality features and online integration of workouts to give it a clear advantage over the rest of the suspension trainers mentioned.

AKlaas Bodyweight Resistance Training Straps Bundle

The AKlaas Bodyweight Resistance Training Straps Bundle is another suspension trainer that has extra features included, but not necessarily in the right areas.

It has one anchor in a typical carabiner style that will definitely do a number on any door frame over time.  The lack of a more appropriate anchor for home use will definitely turn off a lot of people from using this kit.

However, the straps are actually very durable and do their job really well.  The grips are comfortable too and provide a good surface for sweaty hands.  The straps are also adjustable to accommodate a variety of exercises and body types.

Also included is a bag for carrying the suspension trainer on the go.  The anchor is better suited for outdoor use anyway, so it really is a pretty great deal for anyone looking to use this on the go or on a surface they don’t care about scuffing.

Example exercises and positions are provided so you can learn a bit about suspension trainers if you’re new to them.  Not that much information is provided though as it’s really more of a few photo examples.

Just like the FITINDEX suspension trainer, some resistance bands are included to up the value of the kit.  They start lower than the other ones and move in smaller increments as follows:

  1. Yellow (5 lbs)
  2. Red (7 lbs)
  3. Green (10 lbs)
  4. Blue (15 lbs)
  5. Black (20 lbs)

They’re definitely more useful than the FITINDEX’s resistance bands with the small increments of weight and overall lower weight, and can save some money along with getting a high-quality suspension trainer.

Suspension Trainer Buying Guide

Choosing the Right Anchor(s)

Most suspension trainers have different anchor designs or even have multiple anchor types to meet all your needs.  Be careful to choose a product that can accommodate exactly what you need to work out and meet your goals.

Some resistance trainers have anchors that won’t do any harm to your door frame if that’s where you plan to use it. Some of them even have a wall mount, but not everyone is going to be okay with mounting something on their wall.

Those who want to work out on-the-go should make sure their suspension trainer has the right anchor for outdoor use.

Choosing the Right Straps

The straps should have comfortable handles that won’t slip out of your hands when they inevitably get sweaty from your workout.  They should also be very adjustable and possibly have an extension for more options.  Most of all though, the straps must be durable and ensure your safety.

Foot cradles are an added bonus in that they make it much easier to do more exercises with your home gym.  Definitely make sure to look for that if you see yourself using your suspension trainer for lower body workouts.

FAQs About Suspension Trainers

How is a suspension trainer properly mounted?

Secure the anchor to an anchor point using the appropriate anchor for the surface.  Make sure the anchor point can support your weight, and that it is at least seven feet off the ground.

Exactly how you anchor the suspension trainer really depends on what style of anchor is included. The most popular options include door anchors, wall anchors, and anchoring to a bar or beam.

Why are WOSS Trainers no longer on the market?

WOSS suspension trainers are not available for purchase due to losing an expensive lawsuit against TRX.  This happened late in 2022 and has really affected the suspension trainer market.

How are suspension trainers used?

Suspension trainers can really be used in myriad ways. The resistance you get when you pull the band away from the anchor point works wonders for upper and lower body, and there are literally hundreds of exercises, from chest press to glute kickback.

This is why the quality of the guides that come with your suspension trainer kit can be more important than you think.  The TRX GO definitely offers the highest degree of instruction when it comes to actually using your product.

The Best Suspension Trainer On The Market

The TRX GO offers much-needed flexibility by including two different anchors for use nearly anywhere you can think of.  The inclusion of an anchor that won’t damage your door frame is a huge plus for anybody looking to anchor their suspension trainer to a door.

Non-slip handles make for a much better workout.  Fighting with your equipment is the last thing that should happen when you’re working out.

The TRX premium app, and free six-month trial, gives a clear advantage to the TRX GO.  There’s not that much use in any product like this if you aren’t sure how to get the most out of it.

Using your own bodyweight really bolsters your home gym and can fill the gaps in your workout.  If it’s fit for a Navy SEAL, then it’s fit for your home gym!

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