The Best Ketone Supplement for Doing Keto Right

I decided to give the keto diet a try a few months ago and have been doing a lot of research on the many different keto supplements available on the market. Ketone supplements, or exogenous ketones, are among the most popular.

After trying many of the highest rated products on the market, I can honestly say that Perfect Keto’s Exogenous Ketone Salt is the best.

Best Ketone Supplements

What’s Good?

Perfect Keto’s Exogenous Ketone Salt Tastes good and mixes easy
Keto OS Pruvit Keto Comes in a variety of flavors and is gluten-free
Keto Drive BHB Salts Contains added vitamins, mixes easy, and comes in a variety of flavors
HVMN Ketone Ester Pre-mixed in liquid form

8 Best Ketone Supplements

1. Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Salt

My favorite Ketone Supplement is without a doubt Perfect Keto’s Exogenous Ketone Salt. This product is made with BHB salts and comes in a powder form, making it super convenient to bring along with me when I go out. If I’m feeling a tired, or like I need a bit of a boost, this product has never failed me.

I find it especially useful taken just before working out. I usually workout in the morning, before breakfast, and it provides me with just that little bit of extra oomph I need to put in my all.


  • Tastes good and comes in a variety of flavors
  • Includes a scoop to accurately measure out a serving
  • Mixes easy; does not require a blender like some other products I have tried
  • The chocolate flavor goes great in coffee


  • Small container; not enough to last a month if you use it every day
  • Contains up to 25 calories per serving
  • Contains monk fruit and stevia, which not everyone enjoys
  • Can taste bitter if you don’t dilute it enough

2. Keto OS Pruvit Keto


The Keto OS Pruvit Keto is another ketone salt supplement that I find particularly effective at boosting my energy and mood while following the keto diet.

Not only have I found this product to be effective in providing me with a solid boost in energy before my workouts, but it was also able to quell any hunger pangs that come about.

Besides following the keto diet over the past several months, I also practice Intermittent Fasting, where I don’t eat for 16 to 18 hours of the day. If during my fast, I start to feel cravings coming on, this product has been great at keeping them at bay.

This product didn’t make number 1 on my list because, while it only contains 2 calories, it does contain sugar. Also, I find that it can taste a bit strange, and may be off-putting for many.


  • Gluten Free
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Increases satiety


  • Expensive
  • Contains sugar
  • Has an off-taste
  • It’s a diuretic and can cause headaches

3. Zhou Nutrition KETO DRIVE BHB Salts


These Keto Drive BHB Salts were the first ketone supplement I tried and it definitely helped in the beginning stages of reaching ketosis.

I initially purchased this product as a way to combat the keto flu, and it was very effective. If I started to become a bit light-headed or felt tired, a scoop of Keto Drive was enough to make me feel better.

Like Keto OS Pruvit Keto, this product also helped with quelling any hunger pangs I had.

A few issues I have with this product is they don’t specifically state how much BHB ketones it contains. Due to the probiotic acacia fibers they’ve added, it also has a small amount of carbs. On a few occasions, I found that it also gave me a minor stomach ache. It is for these reasons I ended up seeking out a better product.


  • Contains Calcium, Sodium, and Magnesium, as well as vitamins A and C
  • Mixes easy
  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Only 5 calories a serving
  • Includes a scoop to accurately measure out a serving


  • Expensive; small container.
  • Not enough to last a month if you use it every day
  • Can cause stomach aches
  • Intestinal discomfort
  • Has an off or bitter taste if not diluted enough
  • Contains citric and malic acid, as well as stevia, which not everyone enjoys

4. HVMN Ketone Ester

When I first discovered HVMN Ketone Ester, I was excited to give it a try. The fact that it comes pre-mixed makes it even more convenient than the other products I mentioned previously.

Unfortunately, though, the flavor leaves much to be desired and so it only makes it to number 4 on my list. In doing further research on this product, I found that some found the taste so bad that it actually made them feel nauseous!

I didn’t find it to taste THAT bad though, and so it still makes the list. Coming in a pre-mixed liquid form makes it super easy to bring along with me and drink when I need it.

From my reading, I found that ketones in liquid form are also the most easily digested form of this supplement, and so I still hold this product in fairly high regards.


  • Most easily digested form of Ketone Supplement
  • Pre-Mixed in liquid form makes it convenient


  • Doesn’t taste very good
  • Some report nausea as a result of taking this product

5. Kiss My Keto C8 MCT Oil


This Kiss My Keto C8 MCT Oil isn’t a ketone salt like the products I mentioned before. It is a pure form of C8 caprylic acid oil that claims to provide improvements in focus and sustained energy.

This product comes in a pump bottle, and while I find it nice when using it around the house, it rules it out as something to take on-the-go.

The pump dispenses roughly a single tablespoon serving of MCT oil, which means you don’t have to bothered with measuring spoons or scales when trying to dose this product. Just be sure to not take much more than a serving, as too much of this product can cause gastrointestinal issues!


  • Contains pure C8 Caprylic Acid
  • Bottle is made of glass, not plastic
  • Pump bottle is great for around the house use


  • Not suitable for on-the-go use
  • Taking too much may cause gastrointestinal issues

6. KetoSports KetoCaNa


The KetoSports KetoCaNa is another BHB keto salt supplement that comes in the form of a powder.

What I like about this product is that it doesn’t have that weird taste that other ketone supplements can have. It’s also gluten-free and contains zero sugar or artificial coloring.

This product, like the other keto salts on the list, provides a noticeable boost to energy levels and I found it to be a great keto flu remedy.

This product doesn’t place higher up on my list because many users have reported some unpleasant side effects as a result of taking this product: diarrhea, nausea, and bloating namely.


  • Cheap
  • Gluten Free
  • Zero Sugar
  • No artificial coloring


  • May cause diarrhea, nausea, and bloating

7. Keto Plus Exogenous Ketones


This Keto Plus Exogenous Ketones is a newer BHB product on the market that manages to get things right without charging you a boatload of money.

It contains 6 grams of BHB salts in a serving, which is not super high compared to other competing products. Compared to other products on this list, it is very affordable. Products comparatively dosed charge nearly twice as much!

Aside from the price, I give this product a solid recommendation due to many reporting it to be able to combat bloating and constipation, which many of the other products can actually cause!

The product mixes pretty well, and the taste is not as bad as some other Ketone supplements!


  • Cheap
  • Decreases constipation and bloating
  • Tastes good


  • Some users report feelings of nausea
  • Not too high in BHB salts

8. Level Up Clean C8 MCT Oil

Last on my list of best ketone supplements is Level Up Clean C8 MCT Oil. This product contains pure C8 caprylic acid, which is not as easily stored as body fat as other MCT oil formulations.

I find this product to be equally effective as Kiss My Keto C8 MCT Oil, but due to the lack of a pump bottle, I place it further down the list.

Being that this is an oil, it’s not the kind of thing you can really bring around and take while you’re out and about. Really, that’s why I’ve taken a liking more to the BHB keto salt powders more overall.

As with any MCT oil product, taking too much can cause gastrointestinal issues, so watch how much you take.


  • Contains pure C8 Caprylic Acid
  • Glass or BPA-free plastic bottle options available
  • Comes in multiple sizes


  • Not suitable for on-the-go use
  • Taking too much may cause gastrointestinal issues


What is Keto Flu?

The keto flu is something that some people experience when they first start following a ketogenic diet. It is purported to come on as a reaction to your body switching over from burning glucose, to burning fat for energy.

I think it has more to do with dehydration, and the increased need for electrolyte supplementation, that comes about as the result of starting a ketogenic diet.

Not everyone experiences the keto flu, but I sure did! If it wasn’t for BHB keto salts, I don’t think I’d have stuck with this diet.

How Do I Know If I Have the Keto Flu?

Some of the symptoms of the keto flu include:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach ache
  • Brain fog
  • Irritability

The symptoms I experienced most were dizziness, irritability, and a bit of brain fog. With the help of some of the above products and homemade ketoaid, I was able to get past these easily.

How Do You Cure the Keto Flu?

Once you understand what causes the keto flu, it is very easy to treat.

Some things that worked well for me include:

  • Drinking more water
  • Increasing my sodium intake
  • Drinking ketoaid
  • Taking ketone supplements
  • Taking MCT oil
  • Lowering my carb intake

What Are Ketones?

Ketones are acids that arise as your body uses up fat for energy. When following a ketogenic diet, higher levels of ketones are a good sign that you are in ketosis.

There are three different kinds of ketones in our bodies. They are:

  1. Beta-hydroxybutyric (BHB)
  2. Acetoacetate
  3. Acetone

Why Exogenous Ketones?

There are a few reasons why one might want to try an exogenous ketone supplement while following the keto diet.

Benefits of supplementing exogenous ketones include:

  • Boosts Energy
  • Increases Satiety
  • Help enter ketosis
  • Improved focus
  • Cures or prevents the keto flu

Final Thoughts

So far, I have been having great results following the keto diet. I’m down 15 pounds and have experienced none of the loss of strength or muscle mass that many report. I attribute this to my use of ketone supplements and keeping on top of my electrolyte intake.

I’ve gone through many weight cutting cycles over the years, and have to say this has been the most pleasant. My energy levels remain level throughout the day, and my mood has been better than ever. I heartily recommend the keto diet and ketone supplements to anyone looking to drop some weight.

After researching and trying out many of the most popular ketone supplements on the market, I am glad to have found Perfect Keto’s Exogenous Ketone Salt. I am confident in my recommendation that this is the best exogenous ketone supplement available. If you’re going to spend your money on one of these products, this one is it!

Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone Salt isn’t cheap by any means, but when it comes to my health and overall well-being I don’t think it’s worth compromising.

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