Everything A Mother Needs To Know About Running While Pregnant

Running While Pregnant Cover Picture

So you’re going to be a MOM! Congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful world of raging hormones, unexpected energy surges, and fatigue like you’ve never experienced before. And of course the food cravings, food aversions, stretch marks, heartburn, mood swings, and much, much more. Thankfully, all of these crazy symptoms do not last forever and they … Read more

The Benefits Of Ankle Weights: Why & How You Should Be Using Them

Image of a woman demonstrating how to properly use ankle weights

Adding resistance to otherwise everyday workout routines has been a trend in the world of fitness for quite some time. There are several items that one could use to add resistance to an exercise, such as resistance bands, a weighted vest, or more popular lately – ankle weights. Incorporating ankle weights to add strength and … Read more

The Truth About Compression Gear: Does It Really Work Or Not?

Image of a man running down the sidewalk in compression gear

If you’re a sports fan, you have seen athletes wearing form-fitting, ‘‘superhero’’ type clothing underneath their uniforms. The garments seem to give them a special edge over the competition or at least, make them look more prepared to compete. These skintight clothing items, more commonly known as compression garments, are one of the latest trends … Read more

Why You Should Be Foam Rolling – Benefits, Tips, & What To Avoid

Cover photo showing a man using a foam roller on a football field

Your workout yesterday was one of your best. You were hitting the weights hard, got some high intensity cardio training in and even ended the workout with a successful stretching session…but today you’re still sore. You think to yourself, “I stretched to avoid feeling sore. Why on earth are my muscles still aching? Isn’t stretching … Read more