Discussing The Most Expensive Protein Powders: Are They Worth It?

Image showing a circle of protein powder scoops filled with protein

Looking to make some serious gains with some serious quality protein? There are hundreds of different kinds of protein powders, and the quality and price fluctuate with each. There are some natural price floors and ceilings; but with protein, anything goes. In this article we’ll discuss the top 10 most expensive protein powders, and why … Read more

The Best Alternatives To Creatine For Building Muscle and Strength

Image of creatine powder shaped like a man flexing muscles

Gaining muscle is one of the most common goals when somebody hits the gym. It takes hard work with heavy weight; and, it also takes a strict diet. Getting enough protein, carbohydrates and calories into your diet is paramount to slapping on some mean slabs of muscle. However, sometimes food doesn’t provide enough nutrients to … Read more

What Are the Benefits and Side Effects of Taking Collagen Supplements?

Image of a woman holding collagen supplements

If there’s a possible positive effect on health, there’s usually a supplement for it. Of course, supplements for your hair and skin exist, as well as supplements for your muscles. Collagen is a popular supplement that exists in the grey area between health supplements and cosmetic products. Most people take collagen to help with their … Read more

Is It Okay To Take Creatine Before Bed?

Image of a scoop of creatine held above a bottle

Since supplements have been created, there have been different schools of thought on when to take them. With some supplements, timing can actually produce varied results; with others, timing doesn’t matter as much. One of the most hotly debated supplement timing windows is with creatine. There are basically 4 schools of thought on taking create: … Read more

Peanuts vs Cashews vs. Almonds vs Walnuts: What’s The Best Nut?

Image of a woman holding a handful of nuts in a heart shape

When trying to lose weight or stay lean, snacking generally has a bad reputation. This is due to all of the popular high-sodium, high-fat, processed foods available in convenience stores, drug stores, fast food restaurants and several other convenient grab-and-go places. Having unhealthy food constantly at your fingertips can make dieting hard, but if you … Read more