The Best TRX Alternatives

Suspension workouts are all the rage and they’re far better at building core muscles than weightlifting, about 80% better in fact.  Unfortunately, the premier suspension system people use, the TRX, is too dang expensive for most people to buy.  Instead of the TRX, choose the PEXFT Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit it is a reliable alternative to the TRX at under half the cost.  

What makes the TRX system so special isn’t actually the product itself, it’s mostly just marketing hype.  There isn’t anything special about the TRX, so why spend all the money on it?  

The Best Alternatives to TRX in 2022

PEXFT Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit 

The PEXFT Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit is the complete package.  A single anchor system at a mid range price makes this a compelling offer.  

The system comes with adjustable straps and an optional extension.  An elastic resistance band is also included as a supplement to suspension workouts.  The adjustable straps are equipped with foot cradles for easier leg exercises.  The set features a door anchor, like many others on this list, for ease of use anywhere you go.  It is common for constant travelers to use these as they’re easily stored and quick to set up.

The bands are graded up to one half of an imperial ton, this is likely extremely excessive but an interesting fact regardless.  The PEXFT is a reliable and well-made alternative to TRX, it’s also quite a bit cheaper.  

NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Trainer

The main difference between the NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Trainer and its big brother the NOSSK Twin Pro, is the anchoring system.  This model only has a single anchoring point, similar to the TRX it is substituting for.  Whereas the Twin Pro features a dual anchoring system.  

This home suspension system comes graded for 300 pounds and features the typical grips and foot cradles of a high end model.  Fortunately for consumers, this is also one of the best options for affordability.  This is a delightfully affordable alternative to the TRX systems which often cost 3-4x the price.  

NOSSK Twin PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer

The NOSSK Twin PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer is the bigger brother to the NOSSK home suspension system and it uses the 2 point anchoring system.  

The straps are graded for up to 400 pounds and the grips come with foot loops.  The NOSSK brand is known for quality and longevity, which is why they offer a lifetime warranty, it is also reported that they have excellent customer service to boot.  

A concern would be the adjustability of the system, it may be that you won’t find the length suits your needs. 

Another plus for the NOSSK brand is their commitment to eco-friendliness. They package all of their products in small degradable bags instead of bulky plastic boxes.  

RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit 

The RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit is one of the more premium offerings on this list.  The price tag is close to what you may see out of a name brand TRX system, but the RitFit justifies its price tag with a lifetime guarantee.  

The RitFit uses a single anchoring point like a traditional TRX system and comes with a guidebook on effective use.  The bands themselves are graded up to 400 pounds and they connect to non-slip rubber rings to grip.  The straps can be adjusted for different lengths between 55 and 77 inches.  

The foot cradles and accompanying workout guide will help you get started if you’re a new user.  As TRX generally comes in the form of a gym class, it is good to have some support from the brand as it helps you use its product effectively.  

As a more expensive option, the RitFit is a good choice, but if you’re looking for alternatives that are cheaper you will be happier with a few others on this list.  

WeGuard Fitness Resistance Trainer Kit

The WeGuard Fitness Resistance Kit Home Gym Trainer Straps is one of the most affordable options on our list.  The WeGuard features a single point anchoring system, which means it only connects in one spot, and then two straps extend from that point, just like the TRX.  

There is concern that since this is an unknown brand that quality may be inconsistent, so make sure you purchase these through Amazon for a money back guarantee.  The handles do not come with foot cradles as other high end models might, but the straps do feature an odor resistant microfiber for cleanliness.  

The strap length is adjustable and it comes with a separate extension device you can use to curate the system for your ideal workout.  Since the WeGuard does not come with a guide you will need to look up exercises online, but as suspension systems have become more popular that shouldn’t be too difficult.  

The WeGuard does come with a door anchor for every day use, and can be used outdoors on a plethora of sturdy objects.  

Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension Trainer System 

The Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension Trainer System is one of the go-to replacements for TRX.  Lifeline is a popular brand within the suspension training niche so this model is a healthy alternative.  The Jungle GymXT even comes with downloadable content for training purposes and a wallpaper showcasing different exercises.  

The system features a dual-point anchoring system where the straps connect to multiple places instead of just one.  This system can be better for exercises like dips and rows, but some may prefer the single anchor system of the TRX.  This split also allows for a greater variety of types of exercises for you to try. 

The elastic foot cradles are a unique departure from other suspension systems.  These cradles should make it more comfortable to participate in some leg exercises.  

The straps are adjustable between 16 and 94 inches, so you’ll have no difficulty finding a range suitable for your needs.  There have been noted complaints online from people who have received the wrong product, if this happens we recommend buying through Amazon for the easiest customer service.  

The Jungle GymXT also happens to be one of the more expensive options on this list.  

Clothink Bodyweight Resistance Straps Training Kit

Sporting a middle of the road price, the Clothink Bodyweight Resistance Straps Training Kit is a strong contestant against the TRX.  It uses the single point anchoring system, and each strap is individually rated for 300 pounds.  

The set comes with extension straps and a standalone elastic resistance band.  Unlike other entries on this list, this system comes with a wall mount so that you don’t have to rely on doors or other objects.  Besides the extension straps, each of the regular straps are also adjustable so that you can find the length that works for you and your environment.  

The system has been engineered for the ground up on the principles of durability and premium quality.  Some have argued that this has been taken too far, and that the system suffers as a result of overengineering.  Regardless, this is one of the best alternatives to TRX that you could hope to find.  

GRASEP Home Gym Bodyweight Resistance Straps  

The GRASEP Home Gym Bodyweight Resistance Straps features the dual anchor design in contrast to the TRX system.  This dual anchor system provides the user more variety in their workout, as the expanded range of movement allows for more flexibility in what exercises you can try.

The system comes in many different colors, which is a departure from most on this list which only come in a few default colors.  The GRASEP has a middle of the road price which puts it into competition with the Clothink and the RitFit and the Keafols.  What makes this system different is the emphasis from GRASEP on safety and quality.  

This system also comes with an extension strap and is adjustable like many of the other alternatives to TRX on this list.  This set comes with a door anchor for everyday use and foot cradles for better leg exercise.  

The GRASEP is a good alternative to the TRX if you’re looking for the same quality but at half the price.  

YKBATH Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit

Probably the best option under $50, the YKBATH Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit offers the quality you need at a price you want.  The adjustable straps are convenient, and the durable nylon they use help reinforce the premium feel of the system.

What’s included in this package is somewhat minimalistic, there’s no training guide or exercise poster to help you start.  But it has the basics of what you need.  It’s a single anchor system that comes with two basic straps and an extension strap in case you need extra length.  Those, along with a travel bag, and that’s all that’s provided.  

For someone looking to try suspension training on a budget, this kit gives you all you’d need to start.  

Eximius Exercise Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit

This is an all in one bundle containing suspension straps and resistance bands.  TheEximius Exercise Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit offers a dual anchor suspension system for greater flexibility in the number of potential workouts.  

The resistance bands included in this set are in: 5, 15, 22.5, 30 and 40 pounds.  Resistance bands offer a great complement to suspension workouts as suspension workouts tend to underemphasize leg development.  

The kit further includes sliders, which are small disks you stand on to use to work out with.  The sliders are placed on a hardwood floor, then you push and pull yourself using your core muscles.  

KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Kit

The KEAFOLS Bodyweight Fitness Resistance Kit is a single anchor system designed for simplicity of use.  The kit comes with the standard straps, extensions, and foot cradles nothing out of the ordinary.  

Like many other alternatives to TRX, it features a door anchor which can be applied to many holdfasts both outdoors and indoors.  The straps are adjustable, but some users report that it was too long for their needs, even after adjusting the straps. 

Price wise, the KEAFOLS positions itself as a midrange option.  This kit is far cheaper than TRX and the quality is meant to match TRX, so purchasing this kit is likely a fair bet.   


How We Selected Our TRX Alternatives



If you’re looking for an alternative to TRX, you’re likely doing so because the cost of entry is just slightly too high.  Since people viewing this are likely on a budget, we went out of our way to find alternatives that didn’t break the bank.  We still included a range of prices, from just under the low tier TRX offerings all the way down to a nice steak dinner, because we wanted to give options to everyone.

A significant reason that TRX is as expensive as it is, is due to the marketing money they’ve put into their brand.  Many other companies are capable of doing what TRX does at a discount since they don’t have significant advertising overhead.  This is great for value-based consumers like us, who care more about affordability than bells and whistles.  


If you are wanting an alternative to TRX, then you’re going to want the system of your choice to perform on par with the TRX.  You don’t need all the features that the name brand offers, but it would help to know it won’t break after the first time you use it.  The items on this list have all been chosen since they meet a minimum quality requirement, we’ve cut items from this list for this reason as well.  

When you’re using a suspension workout system, safety takes precedence.  You don’t want your system to be bending and breaking when you put a little torque on it.  Suspension training sounds dangerous on its own, so it’s important to emphasize durability and maximum weight capacity.  


FAQs About TRX Alternatives


Is TRX safer than weightlifting?

There are different opinions on this point.  Since TRX activates and builds more stabilizing muscles, it could be assumed that in the long term TRX is safer for you.  However if someone without much development in their stability muscles tries TRX and makes a few mistakes then it is somewhat probable that they’ll hurt themselves.  However, weightlifting is likely still more dangerous than TRX there is greater potential for error.  

Is bodyweight training with TRX better than weightlifting?

TRX or other suspension based training is likely better than weightlifting for core strength.  Since most exercises on suspension systems require the activation of both core and stabilizing muscles, where weightlifting is expected to only target one or two muscles at a time.  If you’re looking for better core strength, then TRX will likely suit you well.  But if you’re looking for leg strength or specific muscle strength then weightlifting is likely superior.   

Is resistance band training better than weightlifting?

It is neither better nor worse.  Both will accomplish the same goal of building muscle, it’s just a matter of how you want to do it.  If you curl a resistance band, or you curl a free weight, you’re still performing the exact same motion with the same amount of weight.  If you prefer to build muscle with resistance bands, then do so, and the same goes for weightlifting.  

Are push ups harder with TRX systems?

In a way, yes.  Since you’re suspended in mid-air, there is often more instability.  This instability makes it harder to fully extend and press during your push-ups.  You’ll need better control to do push-ups on a TRX system, which is part of both the fun of it and the challenge of it.  


The TRX is definitely the product to beat, and they’ve got several offerings for several purposes.  To decide which of these options is best, we’ve decide to categorize them on the principles we selected them for in the first place: Price and quality.  

If you’re highly price conscious, and the alternative you’re looking for needs to be as affordable as possible then we have to recommend the NOSSK Home Suspension Bodyweight Fitness Trainer.  If you need slightly more weight capacity though, you will be more interested in the slightly more expensive NOSSK Twin PRO Bodyweight Fitness Strap Trainer which is still far more affordable than a TRX system.  

Some people don’t feel comfortable selecting the absolute cheapest option, they like the features that come with more expensive options.  If you consider yourself a bargain hunter, then the PEXFT Bodyweight Resistance Trainer Kit will suit you perfectly.  The kit comes with all the fixings of a good suspension system and all the quality of a flagship offering.  

But for those of you who are willing to fork over the big bucks, for whom top tier quality is appreciated and longevity is key.  The RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit will give you all that you’re looking for and more.  If it doesn’t, then just exercise the lifetime guarantee and replace it with another system.  

As an honorable mention in the premium price category, the Lifeline Jungle Gym Suspension Trainer System is an excellent dual anchor system.  The engineering and quality require at least a little recognition on this list even if we think that the RitFit Bodyweight Resistance Training Kit ultimately edges it out.  


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